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About Ocean Race Track

How it Works

1Boat owners purchase satellite tracking devices. Light weight, low cost and cheap to operate, these Inmarsat D+ terminals are permanently installed and wired to the boat's 12 volt supply. Skippers control their units via this website, where they can change the reporting frequency, configure alerts and top-up their airtime credit.

2Boats are tracked in every race they enter. Position reports are collected, processed and plotted on online race charts. Any number of boats may be tracked together - from two friends crossing the channel, to twenty crossing an ocean.

3Race organisers manage events online. Clubs have their events tracked here, they can write their own news articles, upload images and configure alerts.

What is the Cost?

Units cost £445. Airtime is charged at a flat rate of £5 per month and 12p per position report. Messages sent to the unit to change its reporting rate cost 10p each.

Only for Racing?

Boat positions are collected at all times but are only publicly displayed when racing. When racing, boats are tracked together on the event page but when cruising their position can only be seen by invited friends.

Contact Details?

You can contact Ocean Race Track at sales@oceanracetrack.com or by calling +44 1749 830 205.

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