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The Jester Challenge 2006

Jester stopped for repairs but will continue

Tue 4 Jul 2006 23:30

Unfortunately Jester took quite a beating in the storms and was forced to head for Crosshaven, Co Cork as he had only covered about 500 miles in 3 weeks and needed to take on more water.
The sail has been badly torn in several places, Trevor has patched it up but it really needs replacing. With The Round Ireland Race coming up and then Cork Week, everyone in Cork is busy and it would take at least another 3 weeks.
The new mast has been damaged by the battens, some of the grooves are deep . It needs to come down and be filled, and to have about 10 layers of varnish to protect it from further damage.
There is also some play in the rudder and this needs to be removed for inspection and replacement of the steering lines.
Under the circumstances Jester has "stopped for repairs" and will continue as soon as she is ready.
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