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Jester Azores Challenge 2012

Triple Venture return passage sitrep

Sun 1 Jul 2012 12:57

Position at 1200BST 1 July 50N00.1 4W45.8. 30 miles to Plymouth. Wind SW
17kts Co 055 Spd 5. Daily run 29-30 June 128 miles, 30 June -1 Jul 123

Unfortunately the Iridium dial-up email link has been "down" for the last 36
hours so I have not been able to clear my usual SITREPS for 29 and 30 July
so this final SITREP covers those periods. Winds throughout have been
strong SW 18-25kts with big seas to match making downwind sailing fast but
very rolly. As I approached the Scillies signs of "civilisation" started to
appear; VHF calls, fishing vessels and ships. I find the last two days of
long single handed passage are the worst as it is difficult to keep rested
with the need to be on deck and alert, and the number of ships to avoid etc.
This trip was not too bad in this regard as, although there were lots of
ships, all kept well clear except for one which I had to call up and ask to
leave me a bit more room. He seemed surprised I was concerned by a CPA of
only 200 yards.

Passed the Lizard at 0800 this morning and now gently sailing the last 30
miles to Plymouth under the genoa at 5kts whilst I tidy up the boat ready
for the family to come onboard. I anticipate getting up to the Tamar River
Sailing Club in the early evening for unloading etc and then on the
Cargreen my normal mooring the next day total the 1250 miles passage will
have taken just over 10 days which is not too bad for a little'un like

My thanks go to Ewen Southby-Tailyour for (non) organising the event and thus providing the opportunity for us to participate in this little adventure, and to
Eric Andlauer for putting our positions on OCEANRACETRACK thus making the
Jester Challenge so much more interesting for challengers, families, friends
and supporters to follow.

So closing down this net with my best wishes, Tony

PS Please note my mailasail email address used onboard TRIPLE VENTURE will
close down on completion of this trip. Back to my shore side email address
from now on.

©Ocean Race Track 2009, all rights reserved. Source: eric.andlauer