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Jester Azores Challenge 2012


Philippe Hautfenne

Skipper: Philippe Hautfenne


Four years ago I already participated at the Jester Challenge 2008 ……… without success; I needed to give up due to time constraints

Upon arrival in Plymouth (coming from Belgium), I realized that with an average speed of less than 75 nm per day, I would not make it to the Azores and back within the time available; I would need three extra weeks. I had two options: to go to the Azores, return home by air and recover my boat next year, or to leave the race early and stop in Spain, to return home by sailing along the French coast.

I chose the second option and visited eight beautiful harbors and islands (Gijon, La Rochelle, les Sables-D’olonne, l’île d’Yeu, l’île de Groix, Brest, Dielette, and Boulogne) on my return to Belgium. Alone, I sailed for 42 days and covered more then 2000 nm, at an average speed of 3.3 knots.

The Jesters Challenge 2012 provides me the opportunity to try again with the real hope to reach the Acores

See you at Praia da Vitoria, Terceira

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