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Holly Positions

Jester Azores Challenge 2012


Edward Andrzej Zajac

Skipper: Edward Andrzej Zajac


I am 68 years old (born in 1944), a widower with two children. I have been a holder of a skipper's licence since 1969. I have been sailing alone since 2006. During the six sailing seasons I have sailed 7400 miles on the Baltic sea. My small yacht HOLLY was built in England in 1976. It is a Leap 21 type, 21 feet long. It was partly rebuilt. So far I have been sailing only on the Baltic sea. Taking part in JESTER means fulfilling my dreams to sail the ocean. HOLLY will be transported to France (Roscoff) and it will be launched there. Then I will sail to Plymouth where I will join the other sailors.

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