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Jester Challenge 2014

Sun 11 May 14 - Tue 23 Sep 14

The Jester Challenge is a single-handed trans-atlantic event for boats 20-30 ft from Plymouth to Newport, Rhode Island. One of the aims of The Jester Challenge is to conduct a modern experiment in old-fashioned self-reliance, self-sufficiency and personal responsibility and, in doing so, The Jester Challenge has attracted a quorum of, in the main, hugely experienced, small-yacht, ocean voyagers. In practice, another aim is to replace the Jester Class that once formed the smallest class in the OSTAR (to give that race the most recognisable of its many titles) but which has now been removed from the entry list. A third aim is to give genuine Corinthians the opportunity to sail in company across the Atlantic without having to pay entrance fees that are better spent on their yachts. This year's Jester Challenge celebrates the 54th anniversary of Blondie Hasler's original Observer Single-handed Trans-Atlantic Race. Currently this is the only single-handed trans-Atlantic event programmed to commemorate the beginning of modern single and short-handed ocean voyaging.
2,800 miles
2800 miles
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